Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy can be described as a meeting between two people to talk about the problems of one of them.


Individual therapy: 900 kr per 45 minutes

Couple therapy: 1200 kr per 60 minutes

Psychoanalysis: Per agreement

More information:

The unconscious contains everything we have experienced; our experiences are as lively and fresh as the contents of our dreams. There is no ancient history, everything is now, and we tend to repeat some of our experiences without being fully aware we are dong it.


For example, one can ask oneself; "Why do I always choose the same kind of partner or friends? Why do I feel as if I have an exam tomorrow when I don’t? Why do I have terrifying feelings (anxiety), that have no apparent cause? Why do I believe no one likes me?"

We cannot avoid repeating these experiences with a therapist. The therapist will make us aware of what we are doing, by describing it.


Freud discovered a method he called 'free association' to help us uncover our unique unconscious. He learned this from his patients who asked him to listen to them.


In a therapy you will be asked to do that -  to speak freely.