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What AboutOedipus?

”After understanding his childhood feelings for his mother and his rivalry with his father, Freud used a Greek myth to name the Oedipus complex: the boy doomed to kill his father and have a family with his mother; the theory that governs the formation of neurosis.
Oedipus is also the story of the child who was attacked and misused by his parents. Perhaps it is possible to think of a "Laius Complex" and a "Jocasta Complex", to describe the murderousness of his father and seductiveness of his mother. His father didn’t want him and wished to kill him. Is it also possible that his mother wished him to kill his father and marry her? She had knowledge of the myth, after all. Both parents, it would appear, pursued their needs and misused Oedipus, who is also guilty of ignoring what he could have known. Or could he?
Oedipus was born to King Laius and Queen Jocasta. Laius claimed his wife had seduced him, and that he never wanted a child. Laius wished to avoid the consequences of a prophecy foretelling that his son would kill him and marry his wife. King Laius instructed his wife to leave Oedipus to[…]” 


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