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Writing is both a thought process and a work process. We provide assistance with processes and its structure towards the goal of any publication


Focus on the individual's writing development and on the independent work in higher education within the subjects of psychology, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis.


According to agreement


The seminar series started in 2003, and continues with several groups in Göteborg, there have been groups in Norrköping, Lund, Borås, and there is a group in Halmstad. 

The object of the series is to give professionals working with ‘samtal’ a forum for a continuation of their professional development. The knowledge offered in the meetings is intended as a complement to the participants own experience and learning. Each month a chapter of a book or a paper will be provided by Christopher for reading during the month (if members have the time). In the seminar there will be a reading and  presentation of the content of the paper with associated links and history. 

All reading literature is in English however the discussion can be held in Swedish. Group members are not expected to do homework. They may wish to read the paper beforehand and/or watch a recommended film or Shakespeare Play which may be used as an example. The seminar is intended to be an interesting and stress free way of experiencing developments in Psychoanalytic therapy.

Seminar dates for Spring/Summer 2019

Seminar #1 held at Sollidsgatan 7, 41476, Göteborg

Thursdays at 18.00 - 20.00 with a start 10/01 and continuing 7/02, 7/03, 4/04, 2/05, 30/05

Cost 3,000 plus moms, (50% reduction for Pensioners and Students)

Seminar #2 held at Princegatans Psykoterpi Mottagningen, Prinsgatan 12, 41305, Göteborg, 6tr  

Fridays at 14.00 - 15.30 with a start 11/01 and continuing 8/02, 8/03, 5/04, 3/05, 14/06

Cost 3,000 plus moms, (50% reduction for Pensioners and Students)


Books for Sale

Oedipus  - Encounters 

79 pages, 90 Swedish kronor plus postage, Ebook costs 60 kronor

Jeanie’s Leap and Melancholy Magda

105 pages, 90 Swedish kronor plus postage, Ebook costs 60 kronor


Sollidsgatan 7
41476, Göteborg

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